Asics GTM

During the Go-to-Market event, Asics colleagues and collaborators meet to prepare for the next year’s challenges and opportunities. Learning from the past and presenting the tools for the future. The challenge was to communicate together the three different Asics brands: Asics, Asics Tiger and Onitutsuka Tiger. Three identities put together in a cohesive message.

Our concept plays with the japanese origins of the brand and the Japanese New Era that was about to start in 2019: a new cycle that starts with great challenges, but also great possibilities.

Agency: Score Group
Design: Felipe Todesco
Concept: Karina Teixeira, Felipe Todesco


New Era

The year of 2019 starts with japanese celebrating the rise of a new Emperor and the beginning of a new era called Reiwa (令和), following the Japanese calendar scheme.

Asics is also celebrating 70 years in 2019. It’s a great moment to remember its history and the japanese spirit that always has been present since its foundation.

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